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Trap Gas OG Strain Information

Premium hereditary qualities and reproducing meet up to frame Trap Gas OG. The brainchild of LA-based seed bank South Bay Genetics, Trap Gas OG is an OG strain pressing some genuine hotness. With 27-29% THC all things considered, an astonishing flavor profile, and extreme, narcotic impacts, this strain is all gas and no brakes.
Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

Trap Gas OG is a cross between the intriguing strains of BTY OG (Better Than Yours OG) and Gas Station Bob. While its heredity sounds questionable, the way that it’s a South Bay Genetics aggregate ensures its quality. A for the most part indica half and half, this strain’s nugs are thick, cushy, and damp. Spade-molded and dull green in shading, Trap Gas OG sports an exemplary indica appearance. Corroded orange pistils and a thick layer of kief on a superficial level total its gassy look. While its appearance says a lot as of now, we want to plunge into its flavors and smells to see the value in what the future held the table. Initially, the fragrance. On the button, the sweet-smelling profile of fiery, acrid lemon, and new pine overwhelm. Notwithstanding these fragrant smells, traces of earth and impactful skunk join the outfit to finish its terpene profile. Besides, its flavor. On the tongue, Trap Gas OG tastes precisely like it smells. Tokers will taste a delectable bundle of citrus and pine with only a smidgen of skunk weed on the breathe out. Incredibly close in flavor to unique OG Kush, even the pickiest of tokers will actually want to partake in this strain! At long last, the high. Trap Gas OG’s high is something completely different. Fanatics of the first OG Kush will view the experience as unbelievably comparable, with a slight indica turn. Impacts start with tension behind the eyes and slight shivering in the hands and appendages. Not long after, this strain discharges into a flood of elation, sedation, and unwinding that washes over the whole body. Stress, strain, and any regrettable contemplations are whisked away as absolute unwinding and solace grab hold. With its inconceivably high THC power of 27-29%, these impacts will hit hard and keep going long so you should be ready! About Organic Cannabis Living soil, like the rainforests, flourish off of its own natural biological system. Displayed after Mother nature herself, a living soil is made for indoor development by taking a substrate like peat greenery and blending in an assortment of ensured natural manures, corrections and enhancements. Animals like night crawlers, nematodes, arthropods as well as a large group of valuable microorganisms and parasitic societies are then added to establish its own living climate like the rainforest. After some time, the dirt turns into a complicated biological system that makes an ideal, supplement rich developing mode for plants like marijuana. An even soil is one where each of the residing components cooperate to establish a dynamic and sound climate. All through the development pattern of our plants, guaranteeing ideal circumstances, for example, relative mugginess and temperature control permit the plants to flourish in its own normal component. Like wine, living soil continues to improve with age and we accept that it creates probably the best and most delectable marijuana around.
Trap Gas OG Medical Importance

Sorrow, Insomnia, Pain, Stress


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