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Strawberry Cough Strain Information

Strawberry Cough is an unbelievable sativa-prevailing mixture. The primary thing you’ll see about this strain is its mouth-watering flavor and smell.

It is the way it got its name, all things considered!

A mix of Strawberry Fields and Haze, Strawberry Cough is the brainchild of previous High Times supervisor Kyle Kushman. Subsequent to culminating it, he drove from New York to LA, passing out clones any place he could to build the strain’s prevalence. Also, are we certain happy he did! It’s been filling the lungs and hearts of endless tokers from that point forward!

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

The honor winning blossoms of Strawberry Cough are huge and stout. While it is sativa-prevailing, the bud design of this strain is more indica-like. The leaves are thickly stuffed and strong. However, its sativa hereditary qualities radiate through in the most lovely manner.

Strawberry Cough’s radiant green buds’ are cone-formed and resemble pretty little pinecones. The blossoms have red hot, golden trichomes, giving the buds a yellowish appearance. A novel characteristic of Strawberry Cough is that, similar to a strawberry, pistils are red rather than orange!

The principal thing that you’ll see about Strawberry Cough is important for how it got its name – the smell!

This particular smell amuses the faculties while likewise having an energetic touch of peppery zest. Whenever consumed, the buds discharge a home grown cloud that is suggestive of parent strain Haze.

As the name infers, the smoke from this damp bud is quite brutal. It might make clients hack or their eyes to water. Thus, make a point to set up a hydration station!

The delightful thing about Strawberry Cough is that you can determine the vast majority of its highlights from the name!

It’s everything except hazy. The underlying flavor is of ready strawberries with next to no wet or skunky notes. On the breathe out, the strawberry taste has significantly more pleasantness. The delightful smell keeps close by for clients to appreciate even after it’s smoked!

However, the smell and taste aren’t the main things sweet about Strawberry Cough! This strain’s belongings are buzzy and cerebral. This insightful high hits quick. It might make clients feel agitated toward the beginning.

However, assuming taken in the right climate, it can deliver a sharp center that is great for perusing and other innovative pursuits. Strawberry Cough will likewise drive you through even the most everyday things on your plan for the day. Because of its empowering properties, this strain is best for day-time utilization!

Hoping to expand their psyches and consider viewpoints you haven’t previously. Strawbery Cough is the best strain for you. This liberality, combined with its rapture, makes clients feel effusive. Strawberry Cough is an extraordinary strain for enthusiastic get-togethers as a social oil!

Medicinally, Strawberry Cough successfully treats disposition problems like discouragement and nervousness. Alongside an increase in imagination, clients will probably additionally encounter help from nervousness and stress. Different clients have additionally announced help from agonizing headaches and less serious cerebral pains.

With THC levels between 20-24%, the cerebral impacts of Strawberry Cough might incite suspicion when taken in high portions. Along these lines, remember this on the off chance that you’re delicate to THC! The high from this strain likewise endures longer than normal, around 3 to 4 hours.
Strawberry Cough Medical Benefits

Tension, Depression, Stress, Headaches, Migraines

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