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Sour Tangie Strain Information

Sour Tangie is a sativa-prevailing mixture popular for its intellectually centering impacts and strong citrus flavors. The prodigy of the notorious Sour Diesel and religion exemplary Tangie. This strain immediately turned into a top pick among numerous for its tuned-in energy-upgrading high.

It is a champ in both flavor and smell also. Its striking citrus flavors tantalize the tastebuds for a heavenly instance of the munchies. In addition, it gives clients a calming mental buzz that might help with care and concentration.

Furthermore, Sour Tangie is an incredible wake and heat choice and universally handy sativa. It is a high power THC strain with breeds creating anyplace somewhere in the range of 15 and 30 percent THC.

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

Acrid Tangie in a split second gets the attention with its better than expected estimated buds that are both free and soft. Each bud is plated in a fine residue of trichomes enveloped by neon orange pistils, making it tacky to the touch.

Saving looks, one of the most famous characteristics about this strain is its one of a kind citrusy diesel smell. From the outset, clients will meet with recognizable citrus that is both sharp and smooth simultaneously. A couple of seconds after the fact, the diesel hints will kick in. This strain gives weed aficionados an extraordinary and astounding mix of foods grown from the ground, which is additionally very habit-forming by its own doing.

To the extent that flavor goes, the citrus in Sour Tangie lays down a good foundation for itself immovably and leaves just a smidge of space for that diesel funk. On the breathe out, a tangerine-filled fruit juice leaves the mouth watering for additional.

The people who have gotten the opportunity to attempt Sour Tangie portray the strain to be vigorous and cheerful. In the wake of enjoying the primary drag, watch as the lights go off.

A feeling of reasonable lucidity is met with excitement and inspiration. Sharp Tangie is even more a cerebral high rather than anything. A couple of moments in the wake of partaking in a couple of puffs of this strain, you’ll rapidly see how useful you’ve become. Dreary, repetitive errands presently appear as though they’re adrenaline-filled cakewalks, and that house you need to clean? No perspiration, this is the sort of strain that can transform the ordinary into the invigorating.

All things considered, you needn’t bother with just to involve it for drawn-out assignments. Harsh Tangie is likewise an amazing choice for the people who need to set free or let their considerations stream without the couchlock. Clients can partake in this strain alone to improve the progression of innovativeness as well similarly as with a gathering of companions to have a senseless goose time.

At last, this strain is a brilliant choice for the people who expect something to control their tension, stress or even further develop center.
Sharp Tangie Medical Benefits

State of mind Elevation, Anxiety, Focus

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