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Rainbow Kush Mints Strain Information

Most strains today battle to convey a scrumptious, powerful, and reviving smoking experience. Luckily, the Rainbow Kush Mints strain flaunts an unbelievably scrumptious flavor and astonishing impacts. With Rainbow Kush Mint’s indica-predominant hereditary qualities and 22-25% THC intensity, this Craft Collection will charm and energize!

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

Rainbow Kush Mints isn’t a strain you’re probably going to see regularly. An indica-predominant crossover made by crossing Platinum Kush Mints with Rainbow Zkittlez, this strain is intriguing and exceptional. This extraordinary variety is just filled in little bunches by experienced cultivators because of its extraordinariness and the trouble engaged with development.

How is this strain? First of all, this strain has a staggering pack request. Air out a pack and you’ll see this immediately. Because of its indica-predominant legacy, the nugs themselves are stout and thick. Also, a thick layer of cold trichomes covers the surface to give this strain an additional a minty look. Dazzling green in shading for certain slight, orange hairs, this strain is as invigorating on the eyes all things considered on the range! While it’s transcendently green, a few intriguing aggregates will have a couple of purple weed tints!

Besides, we’ll continue on to the fragrance. As its name proposes, this strain has an extraordinarily vivid and reviving fragrance. To begin, its Rainbow Zkittlez parent strain conveys a sweet and fruity flavor that is difficult to stand up to. In the interim, this pleasantness is undermined with a few minty newness from Platinum Kush Mints and you have a mind boggling terpene profile!

Continuing on to the flavor, this strain tastes precisely like it smells. On the breathe out, a very sweet and fruity flavor tickles and enjoyments the tongue. Not long after, a minty, menthol wrap up with traces of citrus kicks in to invigorate the sense of taste. Beyond a shadow of a doubt – this strain does some incredible things as a post-supper boost!

Notwithstanding, this strain doesn’t simply have an astounding appearance and flavor – it has extraordinary impacts, as well! While the reviving flavors are incredible, this strain genuinely sparkles with regards to its high. When you taste this strain’s smooth and reviving smoke, an unobtrusive cerebral high will crawl into your head. You’ll feel somewhat numb, euphoric, and completely loose. Not long after, a soothing body high will kick in, further loosening up you.

While its THC content isn’t generally so high as different strains, Rainbow Kush Mints more than repays with its belongings. The best thing about this strain is that it’s not excessively powerful or narcotic. Tokers can partake in this strain easily, making it an extraordinary strain to appreciate both constantly! Moreover, this strain’s unwinding, euphoric impacts are extraordinary at treating ADD, stress, and emotional episodes! Revive your psyche today with this vivid, minty strain!
Rainbow Kush Mints Medical Benefits

Cramps, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Depression, ADD/ADHD

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