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The underlying fascination of the vape pen is that it is so compact thus advantageous that it makes vaping simple. While vape pens might not have as a lot to offer as a portion of the bigger convenient vaporizers, they make the vaping procedure straightforward and simple for any individual who needs to vape in a hurry. Luckily enough, this straightforwardness has progressed to different types of vaping, for example, spotting and that is actually what we see when we investigate the Puffco Plus V2 Vape pen.

How to Use the Puffco Plus V2 Vape Pen

One thing that is completely stunning about the Puffco Plus V2 vape pen is that it disposes of probably the most entangled pieces of utilizing a spot pen or a touch apparatus and makes the procedure agreeable and straightforward for everybody. To begin, essentially hit the front cloud catch multiple times one after another. You would then be able to hit the catch four additional occasions to spin through the three temperature settings until you arrive at the one that you need. You can without much of a stretch apply your touch pack into the earthenware chamber by means of outside stacking devices or you can use the stacking device contained on the part of the bargain just by scooping it up on the end and setting your mouthpiece back on your gadget. (The main thing you should monitor is the amount you’re putting in as over-burdening the gadget can make oils hole out and ruin your gadget or effect its general execution.) It’s extremely that easy to utilize!


Since it is a vape pen, compactness is guaranteed. This thin, reduced vape pen is anything but difficult to convey in your pocket for in a hurry vaping so you can take spots at whatever point and any place you are. Be that as it may, does it accompanied the important abilities to make it a beneficial convenient gadget to buy? How about we investigate!

Battery Life

The Puffco Plus V2 Vape pen accompanies a 520 mAh battery which is said to give you roughly 50 hits before you have to charge it once more. With regards to spots, this is an extraordinary number of hits on the off chance that you have not yet built up a very high resilience to weed concentrates. When you’re set, you will need to hold up roughly 3 hours to energize totally (might be less as this more current model is an overhaul from the past one), which might be quite a while for certain clients.

Heat Up Time

The warmth up time is fast on this gadget as it needs to arrive at the picked temperature so as to vaporize your touch materials. There is even a 12-second “sesh” include that warms up your gadget for 12 sequential seconds, demonstrating how effective it is at warming up material rapidly.


1 x Puffco Plus Vape Pen
1 x Additional heating chamber
1 x USB charger
1 x User manual


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