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Maui Wowie Strain Information

Like its namesake would recommend, Maui Wowie is a sativa prevailing half and half that began during the 1960s in Hawaii. Initially created as one of the first cutting edge strains with a raised THC content going from 20-28%, Maui Wowie has gone the distance. It actually stays one of the top decisions for sativa darlings searching for a clean euphoric high.

The first raisers and starting points of Maui Wowie are obscure. Notwithstanding, what we cannot deny is that Maui Wowie began as a unique open air fill in Maui. Before long it spread to the other Hawaiian Islands and the remainder of the world, with its notoriety, flavor, and powerful impacts.

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

A sativa prevailing mixture. Maui Wowie, at its center, is a tropical strain bragging a delicious cluster tones and a succulent flavor profile for sure. Radiant green nugs blend in with the rich orange hairs on the bud. A decent covering of trichomes wraps everything together and adds a flare to the presence of the plant.

While opening a holder or Maui Wowie, the room will load up with a habit-forming aroma made out of pineapple, mango, strawberry, and kiwi. Its tropical fruit juice smell is inebriating to the point that it will make them tunnel your nose in the holder each and every time you open it.

Fortunately, Maui Wowie likewise has an almost indistinguishable flavor profile.

On the breathe in, you’ll get a smack of a pleasant tropical fruit juice with some natural sprinkled in. The smoke on the breathe out exits your mouth in a smooth stream, leaving traces of pineapple and mango on your tongue.

Maui Wowie’s belongings are invigorating yet unwinding. Imaginative yet quiet. This strain can set you an extended get-away mode in the initial not many puffs. Successive clients of Maui Wowie portray the experience as light and euphoric. Clients will likewise encounter a lovely cerebral high that makes itself present minutes after the principal toke. What follows next is a slight body buzz. It adds daintiness to your progression combined with a feeling of prosperity and rapture, loosening up the brain and mitigating the body simultaneously.

What’s more, clients will encounter a feeling of the munchies, emphasizing the various surfaces felt in food varieties and spicing up basic beverages like water and squeeze. Tactile subtleties are likewise incredibly improved on account of its sativa impacts. Music, films, games – and so on.

Generally, Maui Wowie isn’t the sort of strain that will burden you. Truth be told, regular clients of the strain appreciate it because of its animating impacts. They likewise guarantee that it upgrades efficiency and keeps them moving. Because of its medium-high strength animating impacts, Maui Wowie is the ideal choice for a chill night out with companions. Or then again a daytime smoke where you really want an additional a piece of imaginative juice.

Moreover, its cerebral high quiets the brain, controlling side effects of nervousness, stress, and misery. It is an incredible ally for the days you really want to destress and set free. This strain can assist you with tracking down an innovative break.
Maui Wowie Medical Benefits

State of mind Elevation, Anxiety, Depression, Chronic Stress

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