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Items, for example, My Von Erl and Juul have progressively turned out to be well known in the market, and one of the most recent to get into the market is the Bo E-cig. In the event that you have been searching for a vape solution that is advantageous, sharp, adaptable and versatile, at that point Bo One e-cig is the thing that you need. This vape pen is incredibly little, stealthy and amazingly light-weight. The gadget is sufficiently overwhelming to feel premium and generous close by yet light enough that is entirely compact and can’t be seen when in the pocket.
Bo One E-cig highlights a 380mAh battery that can last you as long as 2 hours when it is completely energized, and it includes an attractive USB charging for simple reviving.


1x Magnetic Charger 2x (Pre-Filled) “Kiwi Berries by Fresh” Bo Caps | 35mg Kiwi Berry E-Juice 1x Bo eCigarette 1x User Manual

Technical Specifications

Dimension: 10 x 15 x 0.8 cm Weight: 22g


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