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Lemon Skunk Strain Information

With a name like Lemon Skunk, you know you’re in for a novel and intriguing experience! An honor winning sativa-predominant crossover, Lemon Skunk made the High Times rundown of top 10 strains back in 2009. Its a well known fact why!

Planned by the amicable people at DNA Genetics, Lemon Skunk is the lovechild of two different skunk strains. These two strains have extraordinarily lively lemon qualities. The mother strain is a skunk starting from Vegas, while the dad comes from Holland.

Lemon Skunk supplies a delighted flood of rapture and cerebral feeling. It’s the ideal strain for diverting inventiveness and sharpening in to zero in on errands! Its body impacts are unwinding without calming, meaning you can unwind and overcome the day!

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

The nugs of Lemon Skunk are thick and stick outwards. Its tone is an excellent green included all through the leaves and buds. There are likewise dazzling orange pistils springing up with a gentle covering of eye-getting trichomes. These elements consolidate to create an intense strain with THC levels coming to as high as 22%.

As its name infers, Lemon Skunk has a solid and invigorating fragrance of sharp lemon. This smell will shiver your faculties and make them buzz with expectation!

As Lemon Skunk likewise includes skunky fragrances with traces of harsh and gritty notes, this strain is suitably named. This extraordinary mix will prompt an uncommon smoking encounter that you’re not liable to neglect!

The smell likewise makes an interpretation of over to its flavor. Assuming that the smell of Lemon Skunk captivates you, the taste will take your breath away!

Believe us. Lemon Skunk will not dishearten you.

As you’d expect, the powerful lemon kind of this strain fills the mouth. However, it additionally includes a brilliant pleasantness and rich taste. Tokers will probably likewise see a different blend of harsh citrus notes and skunky flavor, also.


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