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Lemon Haze Strain Information

Lemon Haze will take your severe sentiments and make them sweet! This shocking sativa-predominant half and half will free your brain. It will likewise empower your faculties! Its unmistakable citrus smell and flavor have made it a fan-top choice among tokers. This strain gets these characteristics from its parent strains. It’s the result of crossbreeding Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk. What results is a strong cross breed strain with THC levels going from 17-25%. Assuming that you need a dynamite strain with a heavenly taste for sure, this strain is for you!

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

Lemon Haze will draw you with simply its feel alone! This sativa-prevailing cross breed has a particular shape and surface. The buds are medium to huge in size and are generally circular in shape. While the leaves are thickly stuffed, they have a somewhat battered and cushioned look to them. The fleecy leaves are an overgrown green tone. Dynamic orange pistils draw the eye as they jab all through the buds. The buds are additionally canvassed in golden trichomes. This layer gives them a marginally yellow sparkle.

The Lemon Haze strain could never have a seriously fitting name with regards to aroma! Clients will be amazed by exactly the amount it really resembles a lot of lemons! The Lemon Haze fragrance is hard-hitting, so assuming you’re attempting to conceal your high, make certain to come ready! The fragrance will in general occupy a room. As far as the actual smell, obviously, it’s prevalently lemon. Notwithstanding, there are undercurrents of fiery spices, too. When combusted, Lemon Haze ignites with a smooth and handily ingested smoke.

The fittingness of its name converts into this strain’s heavenly flavor, as well! It really possesses a flavor like new lemon skins. Its taste is conspicuous to the point that clients could without much of a stretch name it after enjoying a couple of drags. The sweet, tart kind of this strain makes for a similarly delectable persistent flavor. Numerous clients distinguish notes of other citrus organic products, also.

The Lemon Haze high is delayed to begin. It might require two or three minutes to begin to feel the impacts. This sativa-prevailing crossover is really unwinding. Its cheerful nature makes it ideal for group environments. The impacts are likewise staggeringly inspiring. This attribute, alongside its reviving lemony flavor, adds to its notoriety. What numerous clients love about the Lemon Haze high is the manner by which even it is. You’ll feel blissful and euphoric while as yet maintaining an even-mind. This strain will probably likewise cause you to feel extra effusive. Lemon Haze will give you a perfectly measured proportion of energy to be available, mindful, and have some good times!

At last, a significant body high will grab hold. The blend of mental and actual impacts is great for exercises that connect with both. To be specific, exercise or sex! With its empowering properties, Lemon Haze is a fantastic wake and heat or evening delight strain. Whenever utilized around evening time, it’s probably going to leave clients wired and hyper.

Restoratively speaking, Lemon Haze has numerous purposes. Its positive mental impacts can briefly ease side effects of gentle to direct pressure and sadness. Numerous clients have revealed that Lemon Haze is likewise extraordinary for facilitating torment and muscle fits. Furthermore, it’s likewise powerful for treating headaches and PMS manifestations. At long last, its invigorating characteristics can likewise assist with treating weariness.

Lemon Haze Medical Benefits

Stress, Depression, Pain, Muscle Spasms, Migraines, PMS, Fatigue

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