Delta 8 Reserve Cartridge 5g




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Delta 8 Reserve Cartridge 5g Delta 8 barely exists. The result of a complex cannabinoid conversion process, Delta 8 is prized for unique effects that no other cannabinoid can produce. Starting with high potency Delta 9 distillate, Nate and the Jetty team use a catalyst to rearrange cannabinoid molecules, creating Delta 8 THC. We tap our most trusted small farmers for the finest flower, using cryo-distillation to extract and reintroduce terpenes into this pure and potent oil. It’s a long-lasting, whole-body high that lives up to the legend.

 celebrates the craft of concentrates, focusing on rare and wonderful cannabinoids and collaborations.

Premium CCELL™ cartridge with Jetty signature wood tip. Works with any 510-thread battery.


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