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Animal Cookies Strain Information

Creature Cookies is an Indica-predominant half and half strain with popular parent strains Girl Scout Cookies and Fire OG. Initially from British Columbia, Canada, this strain is broadly celebrated for its powerful, hard-hitting high and amazing steadying impacts. This VIP kid strain is a go-to for coats searching for an unwinding and wonderful full-body high. Assuming that you are passing up rest, a couple of puffs of Animal Cookies will make them saw signs right away!

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

As you would anticipate from BC bud, Animal Cookies are however damp as they seem to be excellent. With a normal THC strength level of 18 to 27%, clients can expect extreme impacts combined with heavenly flavors.

Animal Cookies has shocking thick, kaleidoscopic blossoms with minty green buds. The buds are canvassed in fierceness golden hairs and a covering of white gem trichomes that sparkle with a clear purple color.

Consistent with its name, this strain has a perplexing sweet yet sharp fragrance. It has a hearty sharpness with sweet spices and a harsh hint that develops more extreme as the buds are fallen to pieces and consumed. The kind of Animal Cookie’s buds is an exemplary sweet and nutty treat flavor with a softly fiery zing on the breathe out.

The high from Animal Cookies comes on quick and hard with sensations of satisfaction and unfocused elation. It resembles the sensations of Christmas Day, your birthday, and payday, across the board!

From this jubilant cloudiness and laughing stage, the loosening up full-body high spreads itself all through your body. It resembles being enclosed by a comfortable mending cover that removes generally your agony. You’ll feel loose, quiet and quiet. Rapidly, this feeling will advance to all out sedation, having your eyes hanging and you nodding off before you can say “good night!”

With its strong Indica hereditary qualities and extreme narcotic impacts, Animal Cookies is great for treating sleep deprivation, constant torment, persistent pressure and despondency. It is likewise an incredible strain for working with hunger and treating sickness.

Notwithstanding, novice tokers with lower resistance should accept alert – with such high THC levels, the gamble of greening out increments essentially if you don’t watch out. With an intense strain like Animal Cookies with as much as 27% THC, it’s significant to begin low and go sluggish!
Creature Cookies Medical Benefits

Sleep deprivation, Chronic Pain, Stress, Depression, Appetite Loss, Nausea

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