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Amnesia Haze Strain Information

Notwithstanding its name, Amnesia Haze is an intense Sativa-prevailing strain with extraordinarily enhancements that keep tokers returning over and over. It’s gotten from staple strain Haze and has a heredity in South Asian, Hawaiian, and Afghani landrace strains and has an unmistakable and delightful flavor that is however perplexing as it seems to be scrumptious.

Anticipate heavenly hearty kinds of lemon and citrus. With recuperating benefits and an incredible flavor for sure, this strain is a mutual benefit and is renowned for its aggravation soothing, euphoric, and loosening up impacts. It’s ideally suited for clients with tension, constant agony, headaches, and stress problems. Assuming you’re searching for a strain that allows you to begin the day with an infectious grin and overjoyed instance of the chuckles, Amnesia Haze is for you.

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

Amnesia Haze combines the work of art, psychotropic ancestry of 80% Sativa with simply a hint of 20% thick mountain Indica. This matching makes an ideal agreement for a THC force to be reckoned with amazing impacts that will make them start your day with the goofiest, greatest grin.

The buds are a great light green with hazier earthy colored strands. The blossom bunches are thick and hard to the touch when properly restored. They likewise have a cover of heavenly, tacky trichomes. The buds of Amnesia Haze are heavenly to such an extent that the strain won first spot in the Sativa classification of the Cannabis Cup in both 2004 and 2012! You know what they say, in the event that it ain’t broke, give it a smoke!

Amnesia Haze has an invigorating natural smell with notes of zesty pepper. Its flavor is new, natural and fruity with traces of lemon and citrus and a smidgen of pleasantness and its taste is only the start of its alluring and scrumptious experience! Assuming you’re searching for a superb method for getting the day going right, you can’t turn out badly with Amnesia Haze.

With THC content as high as 24% THC, this strain doesn’t play! The high is inventive, centered, and euphoric, inducing an infectious and flawlessly brilliant instance of the snickers. Amnesia Haze will likewise help your mind-set altogether and make them stroll on daylight the entire day! It is additionally the ideal strain for reveling your imaginative side, sharpening your concentration, and finishing things.

Amnesia Haze is great for treating sorrow, nervousness, and stress problems with its stimulating, inspiring, and euphoric impacts. Likewise motivating innovativeness and concentration, this strain can be useful with ADHD and centering consideration. The loosening up Indica characteristics likewise make it ideal for focusing on persistent torment and diminishing headaches. Clients can genuinely sympathize with their aggravation liquefy away, leaving space for good energies and fat grins.

Amnesia Haze Medical Benefits

Constant Pain, Migraines, Stress Disorders, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD

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