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AK-47 Strain Information

Try not to allow this strain’s extraordinary name to trick you: AK-47 will leave you loose and smooth. Stuck on an imaginative task? Hoping to extend your encounters? This sativa-prevailing cross breed conveys a consistent and durable cerebral buzz. It’s the sort of high that will keep you awake and occupied with innovative or social exercises!

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

AK-47 is the silver shot for your difficulties in general. This strain was created back in 1992 by the genuine seeds bank. It has as of now won a few honors in the Cannabis Cup everywhere, on account of its exceptionally high THC content degree of 20%. In the 1999 Cannabis Cup, a lab test demonstrated that AK-47 weed had the most noteworthy THC-level of all sections that year. Rather than thumping you down cerebrum dead, it’ll leave you with a decent, adjusted high. Its sweet, woody smoke will influence both the psyche and body. Assuming that you carry on toking, you’ll wind up with a genuine head high! The strain has a skill for moving an innovative mental encounter that finishes with a lazy actual unwinding.

This sativa-prevailing mixture conveys a consistent and enduring cerebral buzz that keeps you awake and occupied with inventive or social exercises. With up to 20% THC, AK-47 is extraordinary for those wishing to brighten up their inventive interests! Albeit not a Peacemaker, this weighty hitting strain will in any case bring its clients a feeling of harmony and serenity, trailed by a lift in innovativeness and weighty sedation. AK-47 is best delighted in the late evening and grandstands probably the most ideal characteristics in pot plants; encouraging weighty bodied sensation praises a marvelous, cerebral experience. What more would you be able to request from a half and half?
AK-47 Medical Benefits

Elevating, Relaxation, Creative

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