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Vanilla Kush Wax is an overwhelming indica reproduced from Kashmir hash plant and kush. known for Vanilla Kush Wax delightful and heavenly fragrances of vanilla and lavender. Each puff of vanilla kush is loaded up with sweet and sugary flavors with undercurrents of citrus. An incredible alternative when you are hoping to sedate around evening time as it loosens up your body and brain, giving a pleasant, smooth affair.

Vanilla Kush Wax, This indica strain originates from Barney’s Farm in Amsterdam and secured second place by and large at the 2009 High Times Cannabis Cup for the coffeehouse and seed organization. Reproduced from Afghan and Kashmir strains, this Kush excellence is a blessing to the faculties with her notes of vanilla, lavender, and a trace of citrus. This strain has a high THC content regularly estimating over 20%, settling on it a powerful decision that may be solid for new clients. JUUL Pod Menthol 4 Pod Pack


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