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“Super” doesn’t start to cover every one of the great characteristics of Super Lemon Haze! This unbelievable half breed brought back home in front of the rest of the competition two years straight (2008 and 2009) in the High Times Cannabis Cup.

However, making these award hereditary qualities was no simple assignment!

Arjan of Green House Seeds took Super Silver Haze – which won three back to back Cannabis Cups in 1997, ’98, and ’99 – and crossbred it with the posterity of Haze x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights #5.

The subsequent strain was then reproduced with Lemon Skunk to make Super Lemon Haze. In any case, hello. Nothing worth having in this life comes simple, correct? On account of these endeavors, the advantages of this grant winning strain are currently accessible for everybody to appreciate!

Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

Super Lemon Haze is an enamoring strain. It is glittery, with a thick covering of shimmering, clear and resinous trichomes.

They say precious stones are a young lady’s dearest companion, yet we’ll stay with gleaming trichomes, much thanks!

This thick layer adds to its high THC content. The sweet buds are neon to light green in shading, with orangey-yellow pistils blended in. The long leaves are a profound, dynamic green. These elements consolidate to make an exemplary marijuana look with an extraordinary turn.

Very Silver Haze’s sativa-predominant half and half’s smell is unmistakable. It has a skunky and impactful smell that helps clients to remember a fiery, incense-like aroma. This strain joins tart pleasantness with lemony citrus to make a smell you will probably remember forever! Its smell is because of the presents of the terpene Limonene.

As the name would infer, Super Lemon Haze is similarly lemony of a strain as you can get. You could say it’s SUPER lemony! See what we did there?

The flavor of the smoke is practically similar to gnawing into new lemon meringue pie or a taste of cool, reviving lemonade. It’s tart and lively from the lemon with the ideal sprinkle of pleasantness.

With THC levels getting as high as 25%, Super Lemon Haze goes from 0 to 100 genuine quick, so prepare!

The impacts start in the body however right away advance up to your brain. Super Lemon Haze is a vigorous and social strain, making it ideal for daytime use.

Super Lemon Haze will give you the lift you really want to handle undertakings and be useful. It’ll likewise raise your state of mind, give uplifting tones, and advance inspiration and efficiency!

This strain is additionally phenomenal for getting those expressive energies pumping. It very well may be exactly what you really want to haul yourself out of a creative square! The engaged cerebral impacts are even and give a charming and loosening up body buzz.

While its belongings are intense, they are not crippling. The elevating, euphoric properties of Super Lemon Haze assist with combatting temperament issues like melancholy, PTSD, and uneasiness. Its invigorating impacts are additionally incredible for engaging weariness.

Its loosening up body impacts aren’t excessively overwhelming, making it extraordinary for treating minor agonies, sickness and craving misfortune. It might likewise assist a few patients with ADD/ADHD better spotlight on the jobs needing to be done!

Super Lemon Haze might incite uneasiness and suspicion in beginner tokers with its strong THC levels when taken in high amounts with its high THC levels. Thus, make certain to begin low and go sluggish!
Super Lemon Haze Medical Benefits

Discouragement, PTSD, Anxiety, Fatigue, Minor Pain, Stress, ADD/ADHD, Appetite Stimulation


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