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Purple Banana Breath Strain Information

Purple Banana Breath is an intense and tropical AAAA indica mixture strain that will make you flip out. This strain is an uncommon aggregate of Banana Breath, a combination of Mendo Breath and Banana OG.

Dissimilar to its standard cousin, Purple Banana Breath sneaks up all of a sudden. An AAAA strain of qualification, this uncommon cultivar offers tokers an unbelievable 30-35% intensity overall! In the event that that is sufficiently not, this strain additionally conveys a heavenly tropical flavor that consolidates newly cut bananas, citrus and island musk together across the board bundle. Try not to pass up this strain! You may very well flip out in the event that you do!
Appearance, Flavor, and Effects

Purple Banana Breath is an uncommon strain so we’ll begin with the nuts and bolts. To start, we’ll zero in on its appearance. An indica centered half and half, this strain has an indica affected bud structure that is oval and heavy. The buds are thick and won’t give way effectively when pressed together. Dissimilar to its standard cousin, Purple Banana Breath is an aggregate that has a light purple colouration to its leaves. While the actual bud are woodland green, you’ll have the option to see some purple weed foliage on the off chance that you luck out with your cluster! Notwithstanding its vivid leaves, a splattering cream-shaded likewise assists with advancing this strain’s perceivability. The jungles are about shading, all things considered, and this strain is no exemption!

Hot and humidly enlivened, Purple Banana Breath offers tokers an intriguing and special terpene profile that is challenging to track down elsewhere. On the button, clients can anticipate smells of newly cut bananas, sweet berries, traces of timberland pine and citrus and a sweet yet musky completion. The pack claim with this strain is staggering and when you get a whiff of this strain’s outlandish fragrance, you’ll be whisked away to an island heaven. On the tongue, tokers can anticipate a large part of something very similar. The smoke is thick and overcast and will in general cover the mouth and leave a sweet and cloying delayed flavor impression. This strain is certainly a stinker so in the event that you’re anticipating keeping it calm, you should smoke this some place private!

Impacts shrewd, the mix of caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene cooperate to convey a condition of outright happiness. On the first breathe in, a slight strain will work in the head that will unwind and quiet its clients. As the high advancement, these influxes of rapture and quiet will progress to the remainder of the body, loosening up the muscles and nerves.

While Purple Banana Breath offers unwinding, narcotic impacts, clinical clients will be satisfied to find that this strain is great for both day and evening use. The body high is ideal for disposing of a sleeping disorder while the cerebral impacts are great for soothing uneasiness and stress.
Purple Banana Breath Medical Benefits

Sleep deprivation, Stress, Anxiety

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