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The Phix Vape Kit is a prefilled vape pod system that is contained a smooth vape battery that uses a 280 mAh battery limit and prefilled nicotine salt vape pods that hold 1.5mL of e-Liquid. The Phix Vape Pod Device is somewhat bigger than the Juul and Bo Vape system, yet at the same time will fit easily in your pocket. It’s bigger size takes into account bigger vape pods that last more and hold more e-Liquid than the Juul and Bo Vape pods. The Phix Kit accompanies:
– 1 Phix Vape Device
– 1 Charging Cable
The Phix Pod system uses an attractive association with adjust the pods properly on the gadget, just as an attractive USB charger. The Phix pods utilize 1.5 ohm fired curls to give breathtaking flavor in each puff of your Phix Vape. This pack does NOT accompany a pod. Phix pods sold independently.

Phix Vape Device

The Phix Vape pen gives a more extended enduring background than most other pod system available today because of it’s huge, 1.5mL pods and 280 mAh battery. The Phix likewise includes a fired loop in its pods which enables it to give more flavor in their wide scope of pod flavors like Hard Strawberry and Blue Raspberry


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