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Cali Bubba has velvety, somewhat sweet espresso kissed fragrance with a herby edge. Be that as it may, when it’s ground up, the espresso/chocolate comes out significantly more, as does the musky, herby, hashy banknote which reviews the Cali Bubba Kush’s profoundly Afghani/Pakistani starting points.


The flavor is generally musky and hashy, with a waiting note of espresso. Its smoke is tolerably thick and respectably broad, neither sending you into hacking fits or hitting the throat without sway.


Requiring a couple of moments to truly kick in, the impacts felt prevalently Indica in nature, giving a warming body sensation and beating waves which emanated all through the lower limits, arms, and middle. A stoppage of mental action joined by a general sensation of straightforwardness and happiness overwhelms the client, prompting a serene, blissful, experience that is exceptionally smooth in nature. The eyes get somewhat weighty now and again (even almost immediately), yet the impact never truly turns into a “day wrecker” to the place where it makes the client nod off when they wouldn’t in any case or makes the see any problems overcast with the eventual result of losing usefulness. Cali Bubba assists with both mental and actual unwinding, explicitly muscles, yet it would so without blurring the care. It likewise helps with minor relief from discomfort, hunger excitement, and has unmistakable enemy of nervousness properties.

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1/2 oz, 1 oz, 1/4 pound, 1/2 pound, 1 pound


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